Our partner network


We are happy to work together with a growing network of professionals. To name our most important partners; 


Vivian Sweep

PGM International HR

International HR

Vivian is interim International HR  professional. Has been working for many companies in the Netherlands, Germany, USA.  Passionate about working with a huge variety of nationalities in ambitious and  fast growing environments . Strong focus on supporting and coaching managers and teams to make it possible to do their best job, while creating a culture of trust and passion.

See extensive profile on specific partner page.




Dirk Koeleman- Baker & Co.

Household goods claim handling

After retiring from UniGroupUTS Dirk has accepted a position with Baker & Co. They have been known for many years as a truly professional group of international surveyors and loss adjustors and offer important add-ons such as the availability of a worldwide network of repair vendors and a web based option to allow for immediate claim settlements on smaller claims.


Business Service Bloemendaal

Websites, presentations, corporate identities, logo's, events, all kind of management support services.

Since 1994, Business Services Bloemendaal has specialized in various support activities for (international) organization and consultancy firms in, among others, the relocation industry, the moving industry, the food industry, project developers, brokers, audit firms in the field of management and health, lawyers, primary and gyms, sports associations and personal assistance for families.

See the website for extensive portfolio.


Steve Jordan- The Words Workshop

PR, copywriting, publisher of The Mover, a leading Magazine in the Moving industry

Steve is a business writer specialising in PR but also writing creative copy for websites, brochures, blogs, direct mail and advertising.

His company, The Words Workshop, handles PR for a number of companies that have little in common except that they all wish to promote their goods and services nationally in the UK or internationally. Hi company writes and distributes their press releases to their target industries gaining them exposure and market awareness that would be impossible using advertising and at a fraction of the cost. Rather than specialise in one sector (as do many PR agencies) he insist that his clients do not compete with each other - that way he becomes part of their marketing teams and uses the experience gained with one client to help another.

Steve also spent 20 years or so working in the international removals industry. 
He has published magazines for the industry since 1995 and launched his own publication, The Mover, in 2011.  The Mover is published online and through a free app every month, and is read widely by industry professionals worldwide.

Take a look on www.themover.co.uk


Mr.Inge Nitsche/ Mr.Ernst Steltenpohl - Expatise Learning Platform

Expatise Academy-Innovative Mobility Learning Solutions

Expatise® Academy is an educational foundation which develops in-depth innovative, flexible and affordable learning events, academic master courses and continuing education certification programmes for working professionals around the world, both on location and online.

Find out which of their many events and learning solutions suit your level and responsibilities. Take advantage of Expatise 10th anniversary special offer to take online courses. Network with peers from many industries and learn from our engaging instructors in person and online. Grow and invest in your employability.

See the Expatise website for extensive learning opportunities.


Destiny Management Consultant

Quality Management- Corporate Sourcing- RFP's

DMC was founded in the Netherlands in 2002 and over time has developed into an organization with an extensive international network. DMC is particularly specialized in setting up and guiding internationally oriented contracts in the field of relocation & mobility services. DMC assist clients in resolving global mobility and logistics issues in an effective and pragmatic manner. DMC is impartial and independent in the market; from this position, they advise their clients on optimizing the work outsourced by them and realizing significant cost savings. Their strength lies mainly in the rapid and expert analysis of the problem and the result-oriented approach towards qualitative structural solutions.


Lex Gort - Gort Logistics

Logistics, HSE, Dutch Customs, Operational support

Moving is still a people's business. It is therefore important to pay attention to Safety, Health and our Environment.
Based on years of experience, GORT logistics knows its way around this. This enables us to motivate and steer all parties to achieve the best result together. We know from experience that this will not only lead to the intended certifications, but will also benefit job satisfaction. Furthermore, Gort Logistics assists with the optimization of processes yet can also provide solutions on more complex logistical challenges.


Jan Gluysteen- JPG Consult

Surveys, logistics advice, quality surveys

Jan is an experienced moving professional with 35+ years of experience in the moving industry.  Jan's expertise is on all kind of aspects on international moving. 


Elmar van Brakel- Emotions in Business

Customer journey 2.0

Growing awareness of the power of experience to a customer- and service excellence organization. From the heart of your organization to the heart of your customers. With themes such as 'looking from the outside in, the customer is your most important product, the business case behind experience, customer insights, customer journeys, customer & service excellence and the internal organization' Insights into the emotional motivators and psychology of your customer are important assumptions. What does a customer think of your organization and what does he or she really experience ? What expectations do customers have and which memories linger? What is the influence of heuristics or behavioral tendencies and of halo effects? What are the emotional motivators of your customers and how can you control them with triggers? To set up improvement processes with that knowledge, to create business cases and to steer towards concrete results.

Emotions do play a role in business. Note: website is in dutch only.