Who we are ?

CANI Consultancy & Management The Netherlands has been created by Maarten van Zutphen.


Maarten's primary role is performing all kinds of CHANGE MANAGEMENT & SPECIALIST SUPPORT SERVICES  in the Global Mobility Industry. Mainly building bridges between opportunities, situations, problems, challenges and solutions. To enable people and companies to continue to develop. 


For more information on Maarten and his background, click here.


Secondly, Maarten mainly works as conductor and translator of needs towards his extensive partner network. Maarten connects people to solutions,  and is proud of his extensive network of professional, reliable and capable industry partners. A few of these partners can be found on the partner page.



'Change management may sound scary to people. In my opinion, if change management is performed well, with clear communications and with empathy, everyone will benefit: the company, the people and the environment.'


- Maarten