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Most organizations will have challenges that are not always immediately identifiable, but arise from, for example, a desire to expand, new business ideas, a drop in turnover, less sales leads or a decrease in customer satisfaction. That is why our approach is aimed at working as effectively as possible from the desired result  and respecting budgets. 


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Change & Interim Management

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Services for corporate Logistics/ HR/ Mobility/ Sourcing departments:

  • Assistance with Mobility Policy
  • Assistance with Outsourcing relocation/ moving products
  • Compose RFP's, including SLA's, KPI's, audit and quality control mechanism 
  • International HR/ Mobility assistance

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Services for moving companies:

  • Operational
    • Set up ERP (IT) systems, procedures and/or instructions
    • Surveys, both virtual or physicals including trainings
    • Ad hoc administrative assistance
    • (Interim)operational management
    • Insurance set-up/ claim handling etc.
  • Commercial/ sales
    • Sanity check on sales mechanism, vision and strategy
    • Set up sales funnel and CRM
  • Supply Chain Management
    • Set up supply chain management system
    • SLA's, service chapters, audits etc.
  • Customer journey 
    • Challenge and upgrade the customer journey experience, directly related to the companies critical success factors.
  • Quality Management
    • Set up quality management systems (14001,9001 etc.)
    • Internal and external audits
    • Set up customer review system
    • Health Safety and Environmental Policy
    • Certification trajects for ISO, FIDI FAIM, EURA, OEV etc.
    • AEO certification (EU Customs)
    • VCA certification (Safety)
  •  HR
    • Talent management
    • Interim HR
    • KPI's, performance review assistance
    • Implementation of 1.5m working environment/ policy etc.

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Services for agents/ RMC's:

  • Local representation for corporate customers in the Netherlands
  • Assistance with pre-move surveys
  • Claim handling services
  • Assistance with repair services for furniture

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