Founder and owner: Maarten van Zutphen


After a long and versatile career in the Global Mobility Industry, and especially in the  international removals / relocation, it was time to fulfill a desire: supporting companies at all sides of the market  with their challenges. Conduct change management and solve problems. Empower management with passion and release new energy. 


Motto: Successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers (Tony Robbins).


Maarten's vision: coming from the moving- (and relocation) industry one of the main challenges we have seen throughout the times is the lack of proper connection between what the moving industry has to offer versus the true service needs of corporate and government customers and agencies. This results in lack of understanding from both ends, usually ending up with either loss at the side of the moving company, service quality delivery in jeopardy  or higher spend at the end of the corporate/government agencies. By providing leadership and support services to the entire industry, my goal is that in the next three years the level of rapport between parties has resulted in successful partnerships and alliances. 


My primary role is helping companies and moving professionals to get breakthroughs. Go to the next level. 


Maarten started his career working for the DOD Department of Defensie, managing moves for Soesterberg AB (the 32nd TFS The Wolfhounds). After turning out the lights at Soesterberg and managing 1500 moves in one year, Maarten switched to the commercial moving/relocation industry. 

Maarten has held several management positions in the Netherlands and Belgium for 35 years, is a certified Global Mobility Specialist with talent accreditation, Master in Moving (MiM) at sector organization FIDI and has various advisory positions in the market. He is also a lecturer and Advisor at Expatise Academy, a leading training institute for Global Mobility professionals.

Maarten's main influencers are Richard Branson, Steven Covey and especially Tony Robbins, with whom Maarten has followed several leadership trainings in the USA.
As a coach, Maarten has also volunteered for the Anthony Robbins Foundation at the University of California for youths ages 14-17.
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