Services for corporate Logistics/ HR/ Mobility/ Sourcing departments:

  • Assistance with Global Mobility Policy

Most Global Mobility policies are being reviewed and adjusted. COVID-19 is one of the drivers for the need to change yet it's not the only one.

We can assist you with building,  reviewing and adjusting your Global Mobility policy to a policy that meets all current expectations (compliant, realistic, SMART) and fits your company and Global Workforce. 

  • Assistance with Outsourcing relocation/ moving products

Outsourcing a product like moving services; as Global moving is full of logistic challenges it its important to ask the right questions to the marketplace in order to get the right, transparent answers. Combined with costs transparency.  An do not underestimate the emotions with an international transferee and his/her family. CANI provided the right support for a successful process. Whether you want a single  supplier or a system of smart competition with multiple suppliers, we can ensure the highest efficiency, taking into consideration both the actual supplier/ partner cost as well as your internal processes/ workload.

  • Compose RFP's, including SLA's, KPI's, audit and quality control mechanism 

For a full service or part-time assistance with RFP processes on international relocation/ moving, contact us.

Our unique partnership with companies like PGM International HR (among others) ensures we can offer you the right channels for your international HR needs, long-term and short term. Contact us for current availability.