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Need a buddy, need an interim manager that can conduct next level change management, need a strategy navigator that helps you set direction or need hands-on help/services?


CANI is founded by Maarten van Zutphen, Global Mobility leader, lecturer and coach. His mission is to encourage development and (personal) growth in the Global Mobility environment. 

'We all need to keep growing, in business and life. This keeps us al 'moving' 


How do we work ?

Most organizations will have challenges that are not always immediately identifiable, but arise from, for example, a desire to expand, new business ideas, a drop in turnover, less sales leads or a decrease in customer satisfaction. That is why our approach is aimed at working as effectively as possible from the desired result  and respecting budgets. 


So our approach is as follows: contact Maarten by phone or send a message through the contact form. We set up a confidential call and we discuss the situation/ needs. Our proposal follows. No cost, no obligations. 


CANI and partners can also perform a range of other services.

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Your data and information shared with CANI is secured and will be treated with the highest level of confidentiality. View this page for more information.


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