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FIDI Focus- Time is everything 

The FIDI Focus- the voice of the international moving industry. Now also online.

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Latest issue of The Mover to include CANI

05 Jun 2020 11:32

The Mover is the independent voice of the Global Mobility Industry.

Read here the latest issue of The Mover including an article about CANI. 



It takes 2 to Tango

If I'm not mistaken, the song 'It takes two to tango' was recorded on vinyl by Louis Armstrong sometime in the early 1950s. YouTube agrees with that, by the way. Now I am not from that era (I am a little bit younger), but the song- expression came to my mind when I realized how important it is to have good business partners who help you continuously exceed the expectations of your customers. Well,  it is really not always that easy to make the right choices. How do you ensure you pick the right partners ?

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True conversations (a dutch document)

A great presentation of Agnita Twigt on how to have a true conversation. As more and more conversations take place behind screens, how to be really present and how to present your self the best you can.